GeoClarity is a system of geophysical technologies focusing on resolving extremely complex seismic imaging problems in the petroleum exportation industry, with surface and well seismic data. GeoClarity builds high quality velocity models (with complex structures, lithology, pore/crack fluid content, anisotropy, and/or viscosity, etc) and image volumes for oil and gas reservoir detection. In addition to seismic data, constraining information in drilling, well log, stratigraphy and tectonics is conveniently utilized in the imaging. GeoClarity is simplified, robust, and cost-effective without geometry and data size limit.

Basic features of GeoClarity are

  • Anisotropy analyses
  • Check shots processing
  • CMP and flexible stack
  • Constrain analyses
  • Cost-effective
  • Data loading and QC
  • Drilling data interpretation
  • Floating surface for land data
  • Floating surface for marine data
  • Good at complex structure imaging
  • Good at tough data processing
  • Horizon tie
  • Horizons and horizon cube
  • Initial depth model with well data
  • Initial depth model with check-shots
  • Initial depth model with existing models
  • Instant QC for inversion
  • Migration model update
  • Model building with constrains
  • NMO velocity analysis
  • No data size limit
  • No geometry limit
  • No survey-size limit
  • Post-migration processing
  • Post-stack time and depth migration
  • Pre-migration processing
  • Prestack time and depth migration
  • Q model building and migration
  • Robust inversion engine
  • Salt and carbonate model building
  • Sediment model building
  • Simplified procedure design
  • Stratigraphic and tectonic analyses
  • Survey merge processing
  • Third party model edit and QC
  • Topographic surface of land model
  • Water bottom of marine model
  • Water velocity analyses
  • Well log processing and analyses
  • Well log tie
  • Well top tie

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